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PAARLBERG, DON: RECORDS, 1954-61. Economic Advisor to the Secretary of Agriculture, 1953-57; Assistant Secretary of Agriculture, 1957-58; Special Assistant to the President and Food-for-Peace Coordinator, 1958-61. 5 feet.

PAGET, ARTHUR F.: PAPERS CONCERNING THE COLUMBIA RIVER TREATY PROJECT, 1954-71. Canadian technical advisor, Columbia River Project. 1 foot.

PALEY, WILLIAM S.: PAPERS, 1944, 1969. President and Chairman, Columbia Broadcasting System, Inc., 1928-90; staff member, Psychological Warfare Division, SHAEF, 1944-45. -1 foot.

PANTUHOFF, OLEG, JR.: MEMOIRS, 1944-46. U.S. Army officer, translator during Eisenhower-Zhukov meetings, 1945. -1 foot.

PARKER, EDLOW G.: MATERIAL RE DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER'S VISIT TO BRAZIL, 1960. Control Officer in American Embassy, Rio de Janeiro, 1956-61. -1 foot.

PARKER, EDWIN L.: PAPERS, 1960-68. President, A.G. Spalding & Co. -1 foot.

PARKS, FLOYD L.: PAPERS, 1913-65. Assistant Division Commander, 69th Infantry Division, 1943-44; Chief of Staff, 1st Allied Airborne Army, 1944-45; Commander, 1st Airborne Army, 1945; Chief, Public Information Division, Department of Army, 1945-48; Commanding General, 2nd Army, 1953-56. 28 feet.

PARMET, HERBERT S.: MANUSCRIPTS AND MATERIALS RE EISENHOWER AND THE AMERICAN CRUSADES. Associate Professor of History, Queensborough Community College, City University of New York, 1974. -1 foot. Review upon Demand

PAUL, CHARLES H.: PAPERS, 1939-53. Lawyer and judge in Washington state; friend of Robert H. Taft. -1 foot.

PAUL, WILLARD S.: PAPERS, 1912-61. Commanding General, 75th Infantry Division, 1943; Commanding General, 26th Infantry Division, 1943-45; G-1, SHAEF, Assistant Chief of Staff, 1945-48; President, Gettysburg College, 1956-61. 2 feet.

PENDERGRASS, JOHN L.: PAPERS, 1952-1969. Collector of political memorabilia. 2.5 feet.

PERSONS, WILTON B.: PAPERS, 1960-61. Deputy Assistant to the President, 1953-58; Assistant to the President, 1958-61. -1 foot. (photocopies)

PERSONS, WILTON B.: RECORDS, 1953-61. 2 feet.

PETERSEN, HOWARD C.: PAPERS, 1951-56. Banker; Finance Chairman, National Committee Eisenhower for President, 1951-53. 2 feet.

PHILLIPS, ELIZABETH: PAPERS, 1918-55. Red Cross Nurse, World War I; organizer of aid to Allied Prisoners of War, World War II. 5 feet.

PICKING, LELIA G.: PAPERS. 1909 graduate of Abilene High School, Abilene, Kansas and classmate of Dwight D. Eisenhower. 1 foot. Review upon Demand

PIKE, THOMAS P.: PAPERS, 1952-68. Chairman, California Republican Finance Commission, 1953; member, Republican National Finance Committee, 1953; Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Supply and Logistics, 1953-54; Assistant Secretary of Defense, 1954-56; Special Assistant to the President, 1956 and 1958; Special Assistant to the Secretary of Defense, 1957-58. -1 foot.

PIKE, THOMAS P.: RECORDS, 1955-58. -1 foot.

PINKLEY, VIRGIL: PAPERS, 1940-80. Journalist; United Press European staff, 1929-48; Editor and Publisher, Los Angeles Mirror, 1948-58; Editor and Publisher, Associated Desert Newspapers, Indio, California, 1958-67. -1 foot.

PLATNER, AARON: PAPERS, 1910-52. Army officer. -1 foot. (closed pending processing)

PRICE, DOUGLAS R.: RECORDS, 1955-60. White House Special Assistant Coordinating Federal Participation in the Joint Federal-State Action Committee. 8 feet.

PRIEST, IVY BAKER: PAPERS, 1953-60. Treasurer of the United States, 1953-61. -1 foot. Review upon Demand

PUSEY, MERLO J.: MANUSCRIPT AND MATERIAL RE EISENHOWER THE PRESIDENT, 1952-69. Associate Editor, Washington Post, 1945-71. 20 feet.

PYLE, HOWARD: RECORDS, 1955-59. Governor of Arizona, 1951-54; Deputy Assistant to the President for Intergovernmental Relations, 1955-59; member, Joint Federal-State Action Committee, 1957-59; member, President's Committee for Traffic Safety, 1959-61; President, National Safety Council, 1959-73. 20 feet.

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