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Vice President Richard M. Nixon


Because January 20, 1957, the date set by the Constitution as the official inaugural date, fell on a Sunday, Vice President Nixon took the oath of office in a private White House ceremony. He repeated the oath and was formally inaugurated again in public on Monday, January 21 at the inaugural ceremonies held on the east portico of the White House.


Private inaugural ceremony on January 20, 1957
Private inaugural ceremony held on January 20, 1957
photo 67-142-1 / Naval Photographic Center - public domain


Richard Milhous Nixon (36th Vice President):

Date of birth: January 9, 1913

Birthplace: Yorba Linda, California

Political party: Republican

State represented: California

Term of office: elected to serve January 20, 1953 - January 20, 1961

Age at inauguration: 40 years, 11 days


Eisenhower and Nixon - June 1954
President Eisenhower and Vice President Nixon - June 1954
photo 72-924-16 / National Park Service - public domain


Additional Data About Richard Nixon:

1922 worked in father's gas station; delivered groceries

1934 graduated from Whittier College, Whittier, Calif.

1937 graduated from Duke University Law School

1937 admitted to the bar; practiced at Whittier, Calif.

January - August 1942 attorney with Office of Emergency Management, Washington, D.C.

1942 - 1946 Lieutenant, J.G., U.S. Navy; served in South Pacific as aviation ground officer on Bougainville, Vella Lavella and Green Islands; won two battle stars

January 3, 1947 - Nov. 31, 1950 U.S. House of Representatives (from California)

November 7, 1950 elected to U.S. Senate (from California)

December 1, 1950 received interim appointment, after his own election, to replace outgoing senator, who resigned several weeks before expiration of term

January 3, 1951 - January 20, 1953 U.S. Senate

November 1952 nominated as vice presidential candidate on Republican ticket

November 1956 renominated as vice presidential candidate on Republican ticket


Eisenhower and Nixon - April 1958
President Eisenhower and Vice President Nixon - April 1958
photo 2705-2 / National Park Service - public domain


For more information on Richard M. Nixon please visit the Nixon Presidential Library and Museum.