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The manuscript and audiovisual archives at the Library contain many documents and photographs that may be useful to students working on historical papers, exhibit projects, media or dramatic performances. Documents and photographs are included in this section for the following topics:

Military EraPre-Presidential EraPresidential EraPost-Presidential Era
Declassified DocumentsPresidential Appointment Books


Military Era:

1919 Transcontinental Motor Convoy

Ardennes Campaign - Battle of the Bulge

Jacqueline Cochran & the Women's Air Force Service Pilots (WASPs)

Monuments Men

World War I

WW II - D-Day, The Invasion of Normandy

WW II - Holocaust: The Extermination of European Jews

Pre-Presidential Era:

The Korean War

Presidential Era:

Aerial Intelligence during the Cold War

Alaska Statehood

Atoms For Peace

Camp David

Civil Rights Act of 1957

Civil Rights - Brown vs. Board of Education

Civil Rights - Citizens' Letters on the Little Rock Crisis

Civil Rights - Eisenhower & the Eisenhower Administration

Civil Rights - Emmett Till Case

Civil Rights - Little Rock School Integration

Farewell Address

Flag - Design of the 49- and 50-Star Flag

Hawaii Statehood

Inauguration, 1953

Inauguration, 1957

International Geophysical Year

Interstate Highway System


National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

People To People


Salk Polio Vaccine

Sputnik & the Space Race

St. Lawrence Seaway

U-2 Spy Plane Incident

USS Nautilus

Women in the 1950s

Post-Presidential Era:

Post-Presidential Documents

Declassified Documents:

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Presidential Appointment Books:
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1961: January