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MACARTHUR, DOUGLAS: PAPERS, 1935-41. Army officer; Army Chief of Staff; Military Adviser to the Philippine Commonwealth, 1935-41. Depository - Douglas MacArthur Memorial Archives and Library. 3 reels. (microfilm)

MACINTYRE, MALCOLM A.: PAPERS, 1928-87. Undersecretary of the Air Force, 1957-59; President, Eastern Airlines, 1959-63; Vice-President, Martin Marietta Corporation, 1964-72. 2 feet.

MACOMBER, WILLIAM B., JR.: PAPERS, 1937-2000. Department of State official, 1953-55; Special Assistant to the Secretary of State, 1955-57; Assistant Secretary of State of Congressional Relations, 1957-61 and 1967-69; Ambassador to Jordan, 1961-64; Assistant Administrator, Agency for International Development, 1964-67; Deputy Undersecretary of State for Administration, 1969-73; Ambassador to Turkey, 1973-77. 8 feet. (closed pending processing)

MANN, THOMAS C.: PAPERS, 1950-61. Diplomat in Greece, Guatemala, El Salvador, 1953-57; Assistant Secretary of State for Economic Affairs, 1957-60; Assistant Secretary of State for Inter-American Affairs, 1960-61. 1 foot.

MANNING, FRED M.: PAPERS, 1948-69. Businessman of Denver, Colorado; friend of Dwight and Mamie Eisenhower. -1 foot.

MARTIN, I. JACK: RECORDS, 1953-58. Administrative Assistant to the President, 1953-58. 1 foot.

MASTERSON, CHARLES F.: RECORDS, 1953-56. Special Assistant in the White House (Executive Branch Liaison Office), 1953-56. 4 feet.

MATTESON, ROBERT E.: PAPERS, 1958-83. Aide to Harold Stassen, 1946-58; Assistant Director, Mutual Security Administration and Foreign Operations Administration, 1953-55; Director, White House disarmament staff, 1955-58; member, Board of National Intelligence Estimates, CIA, 1958-60. -1 foot. Review upon Demand

MATTINGLY, THOMAS W.: MEDICAL HISTORY OF DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER, 1911-87. Officer, U.S. Army Medical Corps. 1 foot.

McBRIDE, HORACE L.: PAPERS, 1916-63. Commanding General, 80th Infantry Division, 1943-44. Depository - 80th Division Veterans Association. 1 reel. (microfilm) (closed pending processing)

McCABE, EDWARD A.: RECORDS, 1956-61. General Counsel, Committee on Labor and Education, House of Representatives, 1953-55; Associate Special Counsel to the President, 1956-58; Administrative Assistant to the President, 1958-61. 1 foot.

McCAFFREE, MARY JANE: PAPERS, 1953-69. Social Secretary to Mamie Eisenhower, 1953-61. 2 feet. ALSO: [A05-7] 1.1 Cubic ft. Unreviewed Accretion, Review upon Demand

McCANN, KEVIN: MATERIAL RE WRITING OF AT EASE: STORIES I TELL TO FRIENDS, AND OTHER PUBLICATION PROJECTS OF DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER. Member, staff of Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1946-51; Special Assistant and Consultant to the President, 1953-57; President, Defiance College, 1951-64. 8 feet.

McCANN, KEVIN: PAPERS, 1918-81. 24.17 feet.

McCANN, KEVIN: RECORDS, 1946-60. 16 feet.


McCARDLE, CARL W.: PAPERS, 1953-57. Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs, 1953-57. 11 feet.

McCONE, JOHN A.: PAPERS, 1958-61. Chairman, Atomic Energy Commission, 1958-61. 2 feet.

MCCRUM, MARIE: PAPERS, 1952-84. Secretary to C. D. Jackson. -1 foot.

McDUFF, ROBERT J.: PAPERS, 1946-48. Military Associate in the Office of the Chief of Staff, 1946-48. -1 foot.

McELROY NEIL H.: PAPERS, 1948-62. Secretary of Defense, 1957-59. 6 feet.

McKAY, DOUGLAS and MABEL: PAPERS, 1952-70. Governor of Oregon, 1949-52; U.S. Secretary of the Interior, 1953-56; Friends of Dwight D. and Mamie Eisenhower. -1 foot. Review upon Demand

McKEOUGH, PEARLIE and MICHAEL J.: PAPERS, 1941-48. Military Aides, 1942-45. -1 foot.

McLAIN, RAYMOND: PAPERS, 1944-52. Army Officer; Eisenhower campaign supporter, 1952. -1 foot. Review upon Demand

McPHEE, HENRY R.: RECORDS, 1953-61. General Attorney in Office of General Counsel, Federal Trade Commission, 1954; Special Assistant to the President's Economic Advisor, 1954-57; Assistant Special Counsel to the President, 1957-58; Associate Special Counsel to the President, 1958-61. 42 feet.

MEGEE, VERNON E.: PAPERS, 1919-92. Assistant Commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps, 1956-57. 3 feet.

MELLOR, MABEL: PAPERS, 1941-62. Secretary, Eisenhower Foundation. 4 feet.

MERRIAM, ROBERT E.: PAPERS, 1956-68. Assistant Director, Bureau of the Budget, 1955-58; Deputy Assistant to the President, 1958-61. -1 foot.

MERRIAM, ROBERT E.: RECORDS, 1955-61. Deputy Assistant to the President for Interdepartmental Affairs, 1958-61; member, Joint Federal-State Action Committee, 1959-61; member, Ad Hoc Interagency Committee on Metropolitan Area Problems, 1959-61. 7 feet.

METZGER, EMANUEL: PAPERS, 1917-80. Officer, U.S. Tank Corps, 1917-20. -1 foot.

MILLER, RICHARD LAWRENCE: PAPERS, 1998-2001. Independent historian; biographer of Supreme Court Justice Charles E. Whittaker.  -1 foot.

MINNICH, L. ARTHUR: PAPERS, 1952-84. Assistant Staff Secretary, 1953-60. 8 feet.

MITCHELL, JAMES P.: PAPERS, 1953-61, 1964. Assistant Secretary of the Army for Manpower and Reserve Forces, 1953; Secretary of Labor, 1953-61. 111 feet.

MOANEY, JOHN A., JR.: CORRESPONDENCE AND MEMORABILIA,1942-71. Personal aide to Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1942-69. -1 foot.

MONTGOMERY, ROBERT: PAPERS, 1930-81. Motion picture actor, director and producer; President of the Screen Actors Guild, 1935-38, radio and television consultant to President Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1952-61. 5 feet. (closed pending processing)

MOOS, MALCOLM C.: RECORDS, 1915-61. Consultant, White House Office, 1957-58; Administrative Assistant to the President, 1958-60; Special Assistant to the President, 1960-61 and LARSON, ARTHUR: RECORDS, 1915-61. Under Secretary of Labor, 1954-56; Director, U.S. Information Agency, 1956-57; Special Assistant to the President, 1957-58; Special Consultant to the President, 1958-61. 8 feet.

MORGAN, GERALD D.: RECORDS, 1953-61. Special Assistant in the White House, 1953; Administrative Assistant to the President, 1953-55; Special Counsel to the President, 1955-58; Deputy Assistant to the President, 1958-61. 21 feet.

MORROW, E. FREDERIC: PAPERS, 1952-60. Consultant, Eisenhower campaign train, 1952; advisor on business affairs, Department of Commerce, 1953-55; Administrative Officer, Special Projects group in the White House, 1955-61. 1 foot.

MORROW, E. FREDERIC: RECORDS, 1950-61. 5 feet.

MOSS, EDWARD K.: PAPERS, 1939-70. Staff member, Office of Government Reports, 1939-42; officer, U.S. Navy, 1942-46; Public Affairs Officer, National Production Authority, 1950-53. 4 feet.

MUELLER, FREDERICK H.: PAPERS, 1943-65. Assistant Secretary of Commerce, 1955-58; Secretary of Commerce, 1959-61. 7 feet.

MUSSER, CHRISTIAN O.: PAPERS, 1884-1954. Farmer and businessman of Abilene, Kansas; uncle of Dwight D. Eisenhower. -1 foot.

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