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Eisenhower Presidential Library, Museum, and Boyhood Home
200 S.E. 4th Street
PO Box 339
Abilene, KS 67410
785-263-6700 or 877 RING IKE

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9:00 a.m. - 4:45 p.m. daily
Closed on Christmas, Thanksgiving, and
New Year's Day

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June & July
8:00 a.m. - 5:45 p.m.

Research Room Hours
M - F: 9:15 a.m. - 4:45 p.m.
Closed 12:00 - 12:45
Closed on Federal Holidays

Admission Fee
$10 Adult
$9 Senior 62 & Over
$2 Ages 6-15
FREE Ages 5 & Under
FREE Active Military

Admission fee includes
admission to all buildings.


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HAGERTY, JAMES C.: PAPERS, 1952-74. Press Secretary to the President, 1953-61. 47 feet.

HALL, GEORGE: PAPERS, 1976-99. Biographer of Mattie Pinnette, WAC secretary to Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1944. -1 foot.

HAMLIN, JOHN H.: PAPERS, 1952-60. Director for Small Business, Department of Defense, 1954-56; Executive Assistant in the White House, 1956-59; Executive Secretary, Committee on Government Activities Affecting Prices and Costs, 1959; research division, Nixon-Lodge campaign, 1959-60. -1 foot.

HAMLIN, JOHN H.: RECORDS, 1956-59. 2 feet.

HANES, JOHN W., JR.: PAPERS, 1950-70. Special Assistant to the Secretary of State, 1953-57; Deputy Assistant Secretary for International Organizations, 1957-58; Administrator, Bureau of Security and Consular Affairs, 1958-61. 4 feet.

HANSEN, LAURENCE J.: PAPERS, 1944-77. Personal pilot to Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1942-45. -1 foot.

HARLOW, BRYCE N.: RECORDS, 1953-61. Special Assistant to the President, 1953; Administrative Assistant to the President, 1953-58; Deputy Assistant to the President for Congressional Affairs, 1958-61. 20 feet.

Accession 67-56 National Security File

HARLOW, BRYCE N.: SCRAPBOOKS, 1952-63. -1 foot.

HARR, KARL G., JR.: PAPERS, 1943-1996. Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, International Security Affairs, 1956-1958; Special Assistant to the President for Security Operations Coordination, 1958-1961. 2 feet.

HAUGE, GABRIEL: RECORDS, 1952-58. Research director, Citizens for Eisenhower, 1951-52; research director for personal campaign staff, Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1952; Administrative Assistant to the President for Economic Affairs, 1953-56; Special Assistant to the President for Economic Affairs, 1956-58. -1 foot.

HAZELTINE, CHARLES B.: PAPERS, 1942-44. Chief, Psychological Warfare Branch, Allied Force Headquarters, North African Theater. -1 foot.

HAZLETT, EDWARD E. "SWEDE": PAPERS, 1941-65. Boyhood friend of Dwight D. Eisenhower. -1 foot.

HEILBRONN, KURT: PAPERS, 1944-52. Pilot for Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1945. -1 foot.

HELLER, SAM R.: PAPERS, 1951-68. President, Eisenhower Foundation, 1947-69. -1 foot. ALSO: [A11-01] .5 Cubic ft. Unreviewed Accretion, Review upon Demand

HELMICK, CHARLES G.: PAPERS, 1912-85. Army general officer. -1 foot.

HENRY, LAURIN L.: PAPERS, 1952-61. Staff Assistant, Public Administration Clearing House project to study presidential transitions, 1952-55; Staff Assistant, Brookings Institute project to study presidential transitions, 1956-61. 7 feet.

HERTER, CHRISTIAN A.: PAPERS, 1957-61. Governor of Massachusetts, 1953-57; Under Secretary, State Department, 1957-59; Secretary of State, 1959-61. 8 feet.

HESS, STEPHEN H.: RECORDS, 1959-61. Special Assistant in the White House Office, 1959-61. 1 foot.

HIBBS, BEN: PAPERS, 1962-69, 1972. Editor, Saturday Evening Post, 1942-62. 1 foot.

HIGLEY, HARVEY V.: PAPERS, 1941-83. Administrator, U.S. Veterans Administration, 1953-57. 2 feet.

HOAGLAND, HENRY W.: PAPERS, 1931-1995. Staff member, Republican Congressional Campaign Committee, 1946, 1950 and 1952 campaigns; advance man for Dwight D. Eisenhower's campaign trips, 1954-58. 2 feet.

HOBBS, LELAND: PAPERS, 1918-67. Commander, 30th Infantry Division, European Theater, 1942-45. 2 feet.

HOBBY, OVETA CULP: PAPERS, 1952-55. Editor and Publisher, Houston Post, 1952-53; Administrator, Federal Security Administration, 1953; Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare, 1953-55. 73 feet. ALSO: [A98-4] .5 Cubic ft. Unreviewed Accretion, Review upon Demand

HODGES, COURTNEY HICKS: PAPERS, 1904-65. Chief of Infantry, 1941-42; Commanding General, Replacement and School Command, 1942; Commander, 3rd Army and Southern Defense Command, 1942-43; Deputy Commander, lst Army, England, 1943-44; Commanding General, 1st Army, 1944-45. 16 feet.

HODGSON, PAUL A.: LETTERS TO FAMILY, 1911-16. U.S. Military Academy classmate of Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1911-15. -1 foot.

HOEGH, LEO A.: PAPERS, 1952-53. Iowa attorney and Eisenhower campaign aide, 1952-53. -1 foot. (closed pending processing) Review upon Demand

HOLLAND, HENRY F.: PAPERS, 1957-62. Assistant Secretary of State for Inter-American Affairs, 1954-56; lawyer. 7 feet.

HOLMES, JULIUS C.: PAPERS, 1936-48 and 1968. Executive Officer, U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff and Combined Chiefs of Staff, 1942-43; Deputy, G-5 Division, SHAEF, 1944; Assistant Secretary of State, 1944-45. -1 foot.

HOOD, WAYNE J.: PAPERS, 1952-68. Staff member, Republican National Committee, 1952-53; active in Republican party in Wisconsin. 1 foot.

HORKAN, GEORGE A.: PAPERS, 1943-82. Army officer; Quartermaster General, 1951-54; friend of Dwight D. Eisenhower. 3 feet. (closed pending processing)

HORKAN, GEORGE A., JR.: PAPERS, 1864-1996. Attorney; personal friend of John S.D. Eisenhower. 5 feet. (closed pending processing)


HOWARD, EDWIN B.: PAPERS, 1937-63. Army officer; participated in North African invasion, November 8, 1942, Italian campaign, September 1943; Chief, Intelligence Headquarters, U.S. Forces, Austria, July 1945 - April 1947; Commanding Officer, 23rd Infantry Regiment, Ft. Lewis, Washington, 1948-49; G-2, Office Chief of Army Field Forces, Ft. Monroe, Virginia, 1949-51; G-2, Headquarters Allied Land Forces Central Europe, 1951-54; Special Assistant to Commissioner of Immigration and Naturalization, Department of Justice, 1954-55, Assistant Commissioner, 1956-58, Deputy Associate Commissioner, 1958-61. -1 foot.

HOWARD, KATHERINE: PAPERS, 1917-74. Republican party official, 1945-53; Deputy Administrator, Federal Civil Defense Administration, 1953-54; U.S. delegate to NATO Committee on Civil Defense, 1953-56; Deputy U.S. Commissioner-General, Brussels International Exposition, 1957-58. 11 feet.

HOWREY, EDWARD F.: PAPERS, 1932-90. Lawyer; Chairman, Federal Trade Commission, 1953-55. 9 feet. (closed pending processing)

HUGHES, ROWLAND R.: PAPERS, 1950-59. Deputy Director, Bureau of the Budget, 1953-54; Director, Bureau of the Budget, 1954-56. 3 feet.

HULCHER, WENDELL E.: PAPERS, 1943-94. Air Force pilot, World War II; consultant, McKinsey Company, 1952-54; manager, Ford Motor Company, 1954-67; Mayor, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1965-69; staff member of various government agencies, 1969-79, including Office of Intergovernmental Relations, American Revolution Bicentennial Commission and Small Business Administration; professor Business and Economics, Florida Southern College, 1979-93. 12 feet. (closed pending processing)

HUMPHREY, GEORGE M.: PAPERS, 1912-70. Secretary of the Treasury, 1953-57. Depository - Western Reserve Historical Society. 25 reels. (microfilm)

HUMPHREYS, ROBERT: PAPERS, 1925-65. National Affairs Editor, Newsweek Magazine, 1944-49; Director, Public Relations, Republican Congressional Committee, 1949-52; director, public relations, Republican National Committee, 1952-54; staff director, National Cultural Center, 1960-61; staff consultant, Joint Senate-House Republican Leadership, 1961-65. 4 feet.

HUNTINGTON, ALBERT H., JR.: DOCUMENTS RELATING TO FOREIGN AID, 1948-85. Employee, Mutual Security Agency and successor agencies, 1949-79 (duplicate copies). 2 foot.

HYDE, HENRY B.: PAPERS, 1940-96. Office of Strategic Service operative in France, 1943-45; lawyer in New York City. 1 foot. (closed pending processing) Review upon Demand

HYSON, CHARLES D.: PAPERS, 1944-95. Economist, Bureau of Labor Statistics, 1944-46; Economist, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, 1946-48; staff member, Mutual Security Administration and successor agencies, 1949-74. 2 feet. (closed pending processing) Review upon Demand

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